Junior Tennis Programs

Class Descriptions

Pee Wees: (Ages 4-6) Designed to introduce young children with no prior experience to the game of tennis. Classes are 45 minutes in duration and focus on hand-eye coordination, racquet skills, ball control, and some basic stroke production utilizing a games based approach. This is a fun and great way to introduce your child(ren) into the sport of a lifetime.

Little Aces: (Ages 7-12) Focus will be on fundamentals, correct grips, technique and footwork. Fun based games and competition will also be introduced. Balance and coordination will also be developed. Players must be able to rally 10 balls in a row from the baseline on the 10 & under court and be able to serve proficiently from the baseline.

Tennis 101 (Junior Beginner): (Ages 8-12) USTA Quickstart continuation. Built to provide our new players with solid fundamental techniques and basic tactics in a fun atmosphere to grow their passion for a lifelong sport.

Tennis for Teens: (Ages 13-18) Designed for teens who want to learn how to play and enjoy a sport for a lifetime. The basics of all strokes, footwork and point play will be covered.

Future Stars: Designed for the player that knows the fundamentals of the game and is ready to start some tournament play. Players must be able to rally full court with green dot balls at least 10 balls in a row with proper technique with an instructor, and be able to serve proficiently to both service boxes full court.

Advanced: This program requires a 2 Day commitment. Designed for high school players, players with USTA rankings that play full court with regular balls, and college level players, utilizing the USTA high performance training style.  The focus will be complete training on all aspects of the game, including solid technique that will excell in competition, strategy, tactics, personal patterns of play, mental strength and focus, footwork, agility, tennis-specific fitness, etc.


Make-up Policy Credits will only be issued for classes missed due to severe, “unsafe to travel” weather where the instructor cancels the class. Lessons may be moved into the clubhouse at the Tennis Directors discretion. No credit will be given for indoor lessons missed. Credit will also be given due to an injury that causes a student to miss the remaining classes in the month, of at least 2 or more being left in that month. Prices are based on 4 weeks of clinics per month, and a bonus or free clinic is offered in months where there are five weeks of classes. No credit is given for missing the bonus or free clinic of a given month.

**Sign up by contacting Matthew Cory at 850-294-0968 or mctennis@gmail.com or Bill Belser at 704-582-3276 or belserbts@yahoo.com or Joe Amoroso at 919-434-8157 or Joeyamoroso@icloud.com




Pee Wee (Ages 4-6)

Tues Thu 330-4pm, Sat 2:30-3pm

Little Aces (5-8)

Tue & Thu 4-5pm, Sunday 1:30-2:30

Tennis 101 (Junior Beginner) (7-12)

Wed & Sun 4-5pm

Tennis for Teens (13-18)

Sat 3-4pm

Future Stars (intermediate, L5 level tournament players)

Tue & Thu 4:30-6pm or 5-6pm, Wednesday 5-6:30, Sun 2:30-4pm


Mon-Thu 4:30pm-6:30pm


Pee Wees

3x/wk (month)

2x/wk (month)

1x/week (month)













Little Aces, Tennis 101, Tennis For Teens

3x/wk (month)

2x/wk (month)

1x/week (month)












 Future Stars
    4 days a Week  3 Days a Week   2 Days a Week    1 Day a Week          Drop-in
  Mem    Non   Mem   Non   Mem    Non   Mem   Non   Mem   Non
1 hour clinic   N/A    N/A   N/A   N/A   $130   $144   $68   $74     $21   $23
Monthly 90 minute         clinic   $330   $355   $258   $285   $185   $198   $98   $108     $30   $33



4 days a week

3 Days a Week

2 Days a Week





















*Drop In rate of $39 for members and $43 for Non Members