“Bill is one of the best tennis coaches on the pro tour. He had a huge impact on my game and helped me make that difficult transition from jrs to pros. Bill is one of the few coaches that understands every aspect of the game and knows how to teach it to his students.” Greg Rusedski

“Bill’s understanding and ability to teach the serve is second to none. Also, his understanding of the modern game and how to teach it, especially the techniques and mechanics of all the strokes, is extraordinary. He has a unique gift that enables him to bring out the best in his players” Thai Kwiatkowski, former #1 on College recruiting.Com and #1 ranked NCAA player, D1.

“Bill Belser is a phenomenal tennis coach, mentor and friend. He has a long term vision for his players, but also has the patience and discipline to work with them on a day-to-day basis. It’s obvious when you’re around Bill that he has a strong passion and love for the game of tennis and it’s very inspiring. Bill is a coach with a great deal of professional integrity and dedication. His knowledge and extensive experience in both the Junior and Pro tennis circuits is second to none. Whether it’s stroke mechanics, mental toughness, or match strategy, Coach Bill has been consistently able to help players with every aspect of the game. We are grateful to Bill and consider him a critical part of our tennis family.” –Wendi Le, Thai Kwiatkowski‘s mother

“Bill Belser is one of the top 3 coaches on the pro tour”.–Peter Burwash

“You have really done an amazing job teaching Max and Kate this season. Kate has developed a love of tennis. She played last night for almost 3 hours with Bill, (her dad). You have the magic touch. We are so lucky to have you as our tennis pro in the neighborhood!” –Caroline Tsai

“As I was watching Scotty play his first 16’s at the Southern Closed this week, I could not help thinking about how far he has come since he started playing five years ago.  As I reflected on how this came to be, I realized in large part it was due to the three years he trained with you and Liz. Although it may not have been evident at the time, you gave him the gift of solid mechanics in his strokes and footwork,  the tennis IQ to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents and, just as importantly, Liz gave him a complete understanding of his body and the nutritional needs required to compete at these levels. As a parent, I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism, attention to detail and unwavering persistence to teach all of the kids in your program how to perform at a professional level.  Very few junior coaches have both the experience of traveling with players on tour combined with an ability to effectively communicate those experiences to the kids. Scotty’s respect for what you taught him is evident in how he speaks about you both.  I hope this email finds you well…” –Bill Cameron

“I have been a coach and HS principal for many years. You have a way with kids that helps them to achieve their best and Sydnee had complete confidence in you. In fact she only wants to do zonals if you are her tennis coach. Thank you coach Bill for a job well done.” –Dad